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 Post subject: Carpet and vinyl
PostPosted: 01/12/10 09:36 
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Last winter we were sick of looking at the Berber carpet that came in our RV, and while it is the IN thing to many, it was OUT to us. I called it gunny sack carpet because that is what it felt like when your bare skin touched it.

We called the factory and they quoted us well over three grand to replace the flooring with the latest (BERBER and vinyl) they were offering in the new rigs. Soooo, we went to our local flooring store, picked out the carpet we wanted along with enough vinyl to put down in the entryway, and bathroom.

Our slide outs are flat floor so no need to run any carpet up under them. I measured the slide outs and also pulled the old carpet up to take to the carpet store to have the slide out carpeting edged where it overhangs the other carpet.

The vinyl we chose was loose lay vinyl and required no glue or any other fastener to hold it in place, but I glued it down anyway. I did hire a young man who lays carpet all the time to help me because I did not have the required stretchers, etc for installing the carpet.

We used standard tack strip and had the carpet installed in less than half a day. When we got to the slide outs, I left the old padding down and put one more layer of padding over it as there were some edge boards showing through the gunny sack carpeting. The extra layer of padding completely hid the edge boards.

We increased the amount of carpeted space, decreased the amount of vinyl and the entire job cost us just over 1500 dollars. The carpet was 36 dollars a yard and head and shoulders above the factory standard gunny sack carpet they sell. An investment in our home on wheels well worth every penny we spent on it.

I had two throw rugs made for in front of the range and two for in front of the shower that fit the curved shower front. Anyone desiring to make throw rugs to match the carpet you have installed e mail me and I will be glad to explain the process, very easy and only requires carpet edging, glue and a stapler.

Happy RVing, and remember nothing you need done is really rocket science, just requires a bit of thinking and some elbow grease.

8-) :mrgreen:

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