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Buy & Sell Rules and Guidelines
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Author:  Forum Admin [ 11/28/07 11:52 ]
Post subject:  Buy & Sell Rules and Guidelines

Buy & Sell Rules and Guidelines:

Have an RV for sale? Post it here.
Looking for a rig? Ask here.

Before posting, you are required to read the following rules.

Please, no phone numbers or email addresses. They will be removed. Ask reader to send PM for more info. Remember this forum is open to the public, not just the workamper community. (Added 11/28/2007)

Please use these codes in the topic title:
FS= For sale | WTB= Want to buy

As an individual, you can "Buy and Sell” RVs. You may post listings for equipment or accessories.

Discussions in these topics are allowed, but they have to be on-topic (about the rigs for sale or requested). Other postings will be removed.

Links to your personal pages with pictures of the rig are allowed.

All other threads are considered off-topic.
Members are NOT allowed to list items for sale in their signatures

Replies may NOT be used to sell items. Meaning only the "First Post" can be used to list a rig for sale

Commercial sales are NOT allowed. No exceptions.

Auctions are not permitted. You must have a listing price for your rig. Auction threads will be deleted.


Buy and sell at your own risk.
Our advice is to only buy from established forum members and take the time to always check references first.

This site is NOT affiliated with any seller posting RVs for sell/trade. Therefore, we are NOT liable for any misrepresentation, fraud or spam posted here. Always check your references, especially for new members selling/buying RVs.
None of the sales transactions made on this board are representative of Workamper News.

We reserve the right to immediately remove posts that are suspected to be of a fraudulent nature. Any member who makes a fraudulent sale/purchase will be banned from this site without further notice.

Thank you,

Workamper News Forum Administration

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