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 Post subject: NewBe looking for hints, tips & how too's
PostPosted: 12/15/16 03:28 

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Hello everyone,

I have owned my RV for 4+ years now and am now going full-time, why? That's another story for another time.

I am traveling solo (me, myself, & I) and looking for pat-time work in exchange for a site w/FHU, some extra money wouldn't go amiss but the primary goal is to work for a good place to park my rig.

I used to be a sailor and lived on my sail boats for almost 30 years. So living in smaller spaces is a preference for me. For a career I was a computer programmer for 25+ years, I retired early in 2009 due to health, too much stress causing heart attacks.

I am no ready to get back to traveling. I sailed my boat across the South Pacific in 1997/8 from California to New Zealand.

What I am struggling with is the where and what for's? How to decide on where to apply for jobs? And what makes on town more appealing than another?

I am trying to apply to all the State Beach Campgrounds in California as well as some National parks. Most Ca. SB parks require a minimum of 3 month commitment, no problem with that. But it seems some people 'hog' the campgrounds by doing repeat seasons at the same campground and not letting others in. That is frustrating but understandable.

How do I overcome the requirement for 'Couples' over 'singles'?
How do I overcome the need for a 'Workamper History' when I am clearly a Newbie?
I don't want to make the mistake of committing to a 6 month job and find that after a couple of weeks I don't like the job or place and want out. My preference would be a 3 month gig first.

What type of work?
I would prefer to work at a camp host, front desk with minimum physical labor, I still have some health issues! I have seen and talked to a couple of people who had Camp Host position and they all seem to think it is not as bad as we think, but it does get busy on weekends and holidays.

Any and all suggestions and help is gratefully accepted.

Keep Smiling
"Don't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams"

 Post subject: Re: NewBe looking for hints, tips & how too's
PostPosted: 12/15/16 11:35 
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Forum Bronze-20

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I've only been doing this 2 years now so I don't know everything. Your signature line says a lot. "Don't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams" Sometimes you just have to jump in, although I did 2 years of research before I jumped in. You can join Workamper News and see all kinds of jobs that are available. You can decide where you want to be and start calling campgrounds in that area. The best advise I got was don't wait too long. I'm glad I didn't. Gigs for singles can be a little harder to find than for couples, so I've heard. But they are out there. You just have to look. Best of luck.

Brian and Barb
full time 2015
Live Simply, Expect Less, Live More

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