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 Post subject: I'm looking to find a seasonal job
PostPosted: 11/15/16 18:36 
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after January.

Ok, I figured out how to make some connections with employers at Workamper news:) Sorry bout that. Ok, I will leave the rest of the post, just in case anyone wants to know more about my plans.

I do want to meet folks that are doing this because I have all I need here, but this just isn't what I want for the rest of my life. Yes I have a nice apartment, a nice, little town, but I still want adventure and travel. I feel I will just end up stagnating here, and there are few jobs I would enjoy right here. I want to work, but part-time or seasonal, with travel in between. Also, I want to work in places where I can really enjoy taking photographs, hiking, biking. I've moved around most of my life, and thought I wanted to be in one place, settle down as they say, but I don't think it is going to work for me.

original post I did today is below:

I plan to "possibly" give up my apartment, and travel/work-camp fulltime one day.

For now, I just want to do a 3 month job, maybe a bit longer, and see how it goes. I think I will try to find a job that will start in Springtime, but if I find something where I don't have to travel through snow and ice, I may go earlier.

I'm really hoping for a place to do a job that has places for workers to live in, while they are employed. My small truck can be "eventually" made into a sleeper-type, but I want to make sure I will want to go full-time, before I do that.

Are there listings on this site for jobs that are seasonal, and that people here go and do, or is it all for full-time, work-camping?

Thank you much, for any help:)

 Post subject: Re: I'm looking to find a seasonal job
PostPosted: 11/17/16 18:45 
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Forum Aficionado-1000
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My experience shows that most of the positions are seasonal.

Now you just need to pick an area where you would to be. This is how we did it for 16 years. Go where you are happy.

Search out campgrounds or towns that are near where you want to be. Remember it is seasonal, next year you can go somewhere else that interest you.

We along with a whole lot of other Workampers enjoy taking pictures, so the whole world is your in your lenses.

We worked campgrounds for the first six years then found our niche in retail stores in tourist towns, and playing the part of the local atmosphere.

There are a number of places that offer housing, usually in the National Parks, but they also have retail positions available.

This is a great place to get opportunities for seasonal work. Join up and welcome aboard.

Most of these positions start in the Spring and end in the Fall, which meets your requirements.

Lots of luck.

Please be careful of my buffalo as you travel.

 Post subject: Re: I'm looking to find a seasonal job
PostPosted: 11/20/16 07:39 
Forum Aficionado-1000
Forum Aficionado-1000
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I have the greatest seasonal job in history, in every season my job is to give my darling wife something to do keeping me going, and her job is simply to keep me alive. Had I known retirement was so much fun I would have done it years earlier.
We may still work at times while on the road, but will never be punching a time clock again, just doing what we want to do and enjoying life.
I hope everyone finds the perfect job this winter, and hang in there if you don't, spring is coming up fast.
Happy RVing.

:mrgreen: 8-)

Freedom Is Not Free, But It Is Worth Fighting For.

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