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 Post subject: Yet another future WK!
PostPosted: 01/11/18 10:44 

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I believe I have a (somewhat) unique situation, and am hoping for some input/guidance if I may. Here is a brief synopsis:

I am a 54 Y.O. professional handyman, and we are purchasing a New Open Range Roamer 5th wheel this Sept. after my better half's retirement from working for "The Mouse" for 30+ yrs.. We will be travelling for a few months and then hoping to "settling down" as it were in one spot for 5 years or so, but I would be the only one participating in the WK program.
We live in Florida, but are looking for something in the S.E. U.S. South Carolina was our first choice, but there doesn't seem to be any listings/opportunities in that state. Being from central FL., we wanted something away from high tourist areas, but still near to a fairly large city, (but not too large). I would also need a position that provides an hourly wage.

I have a strong background in most aspects of construction/repairs, as well as a top notch customer service history in the service industry. Non-smoker/drinker who has not missed a day of work (or been late late) in over 9 years.

As a new member, I am eager to learn all I can on this incredible site, but any assistance or suggestions that can be provided would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance for any and all information, and I look forward to becoming a member of this great community! Joseph

 Post subject: Re: Yet another future WK!
PostPosted: 01/12/18 12:19 
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Forum Platinum-500

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:mrgreen: I would say first off, join WKN and use the Hotline service for immediate employment listings! You can also go to the headings on the top and use the Search, just click on. Click on the WKN Home Page heading and take a look at their page! I acquired most of my employment from the Hot Line before my health went down! Happy Trails

Life's to Short/Live it now!

 Post subject: Re: Yet another future WK!
PostPosted: 01/14/18 09:34 
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Forum Aficionado-1000
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Each person is different and each persons/couples needs are different. There are jobs that pay in Workamping, but most are not the best pay you can find. Many travel and work through temp agencies as they move around, and some have careers that are built for the travel lifestyle. Many WKers have had very diversified lives and can adapt to most any type of job, some do not want to adapt, they want to keep doing what they do best. I know very little about jobs on the East Coast as we very seldom travel there, but just look around, send out resumes to places you want to go, and see what happens.
I have worked as park manager, park maintenance, mechanic, heavy equipment operator, and a lot of other things over the past 12 or so years, but I have skillsets for all those jobs, however we did not start full timing until we were set so we did not HAVE to work and could only take jobs we liked to do and would enjoy.
We have taken jobs and then arrive only to find the job is not at all what was advertised, example was a National Park setting where I was recruited vigorously for more than six months to operate a Motor Grader and Back Hoe, only to arrive and be told something had changed and I would be cleaning the wood shops and other shops as assigned for the winter. We left, no problem, we were still okay for the winter. They got a new manager and he decided he would be the one to run the equipment, even though he had no experience and it showed on their roads and ditches, but that is the way if happens some times, and why we made sure we could full time without working before we started.
The sky is the limit, just have to make your own path and follow it.
Happy RVing.
:mrgreen: 8-)

Freedom Is Not Free, But It Is Worth Fighting For.

 Post subject: Re: Yet another future WK!
PostPosted: 01/14/18 13:20 
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Forum Aficionado-1000
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This is How We Did It.

Both retired, but still wanting to hit the road and see This beautiful country.
We read in the trade magazines, “Highways, Motor Home, and FMCA” about workamping. We put our name in “Highways” as willing to volunteer at National Parks and State Parks all across the USA. We got a lot of responses. We also signed up to become “Workampers” through

We received their magazine and found a location we liked and sent resumes out to them. We got two offers, accepted one in Montana.

Yes our first job was a paying job and we have always asked for and received pay for every hour worked and our site paid for even one season working in one of the National Parks.

We literally loaded up the RV hooked up the car and drove down the road to places we had never seen before and only dreamed about.

We adjusted as we went and we went with the flow of work and did what needed to be done. After 15 years of this, it still is fun. Yes we have been to places that were tough to work at. That didn’t stop us and it won’t stop us.

There is no mystery or right or wrong way to do it and it isn’t necessary to have every i dotted or t crossed before hitting the road.

To us that was part of the fun of it all.

So to those who want every question answered and everything in its place, please step aside while those of us who want to do it can get on with the job of doing it.

Yes this topic is long, but please folks it’s fun out here, Joan and I and many others know this, just do it and then tell us how you liked it.

I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes, but really folks it’s time to get a life.

Only you know what is right for you. Do it and make it work.

We have Workamped in Montana twice (now at the same location for eight years), Colorado, Nevada twice, Wyoming, California, Alaska, New Hampshire and Virginia.

We do not fulltime we have a home in Florida that we leave and return later in the fall. The Son takes care of the house while we are gone as we travel.
So everyone has their own needs as mentioned by others and we agree. This is a wonderful lifestyle, one you can make your own and adjust accordingly. The memories are still with us and always will be, written down in books and C/D’s. Don’t make it so complicated.

We used our skills from our regular work life and applied them to our Workamper life and worked out great. Just be willing to adjust to someone else’s ideas and how they like things done. Meet the locals and other Workampers and enjoy the ride.

Just be careful of my buffalo as you travel

Please be careful of my buffalo as you travel.

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